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Forest Evangelical Lutheran Church

1663 SE 183rd Ave. Road

Silver Springs, Florida 34488


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Larry Dexheimer
Ordained Pastor
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What is Forest Lutheran?

Bible Based: We believe that the Bible not only “contains” God’s Word, but that the entire Bible “is” God’s Word!

Gospel-motivated: We proclaim the Good News that Jesus, through his life, death, and resurrection has paid the penalty for all sin.

Sacramental: Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are central to Christian life together.

Worship Style: We blend newer forms of worship and praise songs with the time-honored liturgy of the Church.

Active and Caring: We seek to motivate and enable all people to be disciples, serving one another in Jesus’ Name.

Mission Minded: We seek to make Christ known throughout the Forest area.

We pray that you find this web site helpful in introducing you to Forest Lutheran Church. We invite you to visit and worship with us whether you are passing through or prayerfully considering a church home.

If you are looking for a church home in the forest area that provides a warm, Christ-centered fellowship where the Word of God is proclaimed and God is exalted, we invite you to join our congregation.

As a LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) congregation, we hold to these three basic beliefs:

Sola Gratia
Grace Alone
Sola Fide
Faith Alone
Sola Scriptura
Scripture Alone

Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ as a personal Savior and Lord. This faith is a gift of God’s grace, not a work of the believer

Holy Scripture is the only true and trustworthy source of information about God and His creation, the world in which we live. We believe the Bible to be without error or contradiction.

We are a member congregation of the Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. We partner with other congregations in educational programs, social service institutions, and various ministries, as we seek to help the sick, deprived, and our entire community as Christ’s followers.

Worship Services
10:30 am every Sunday

Sunday School & Bible Study
9:30 am Sundays
10:30 am Tuesdays

Prayer Meeting
11:30 am Tuesdays

Friendship Sunday Potluck
1st Sunday of every month following the worship service

Birthday Sunday
2nd Sunday of every month cake following the worship service

Special Services
Thanksgiving Eve Christmas Eve
Wednesdays of Advent & Lent

Free Community Meal
3rd Saturday of every month 3:00 pm in the fellowship hall

LWML: Lutheran Women’s Missionary League meetings
1st Thursday of every month in the fellowship hall

Other Ministries and Outreach
(times & dates as announced)
Adult information class
Quilting & Crafts
Game nights
Yard & Bake Sales


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